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Lucille Partners With Green Box Compost and Urban Land Interests To Go Green

Lucille is among the pioneer restaurants in Downtown Madison to incorporate composting into their daily waste management.

Rule No. One Hospitality Group is announcing that their restaurant Lucille, located on 101 King St. Madison, WI, has partnered with Green Box, a Madison-based a residential and commercial organic collection and composting company, as well as Urban Land Interests (ULI), the preeminent full service real estate firm who own the property. All are working in concert to put in place a daily trash management system, which will result in 100% of compostable trash being composted.

The restaurant Merchant, located on 121 S Pinckney St., will also be adopting the same composting program when it reopens June 1st, 2022 after an extensive state of the art renovation.

All parties share a mission for community leadership and sustainability through business practices that reduce environmental impact.

Green Box Compost predicts that Lucille will reduce trash about 30% through composting, which will in turn result in reduced greenhouse gasses and landfill space, and create healthy soil that can be returned back to the food cycle.

Green Box worked with Urban Land Interests and RNO Management to put in place a waste management system that is clean, easy, and efficient. Green Box Compost CEO Ben Stager explains this commitment, ‘’We believe many businesses want to take an active step in doing something for the environment, but that it is hard to find any concrete steps to take - we hope to offer that concrete step.’’

ULI Associate, Kayla Rivera, stated, "Urban Land Interests is proud to support Rule Number One Hospitality Group and Green Box on this initiative. We are thrilled that Lucille is working to further sustainable practices in downtown Madison and reduce the environmental impact of food waste."

Lucille’s new composting program is part of a company-wide green strategy across all of its business practices. The organization has already put in place the use of eco-friendly to-go containers and agave straws for the drinks. They are continuing to optimize the facility to reduce paper and water waste where feasible, use fixtures that use less energy, and partner with suppliers who can provide recyclable packaging. Caity Nicholson, Director of Beverage with RNO, comments, “I’m so glad to see our organization push our systems towards more sustainable practices as a team.”

Of the partnership between the two companies, RNO Director of Operations Tara Goldberg said, ‘’We are extremely excited and thankful to Green Box for making this step possible for our restaurant. Their flexibility and ability to manage a wide range of waste such as citrus peels made all the difference in our decision to instate this policy. We are looking forward to doing our part in changing how Madison sees waste management.’’

Media Contacts:

Tara Goldberg

Director of Operations

Rule No. One Hospitality

Caitlyn Nicholson

Beverage Director

Rule No. One Hospitality

Ben Stager


Green Box Compost

Kayla Rivera

Marketing Associate

Urban Land Interests



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