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RNO is a mission-driven lifestyle company dedicated to creating spaces for celebrating and treating each other and ourselves well.   We seek to provide warm, fun and an endlessly interesting mix of inspired programming that challenges, invigorates and delights our guests by celebrating our craft, who we are, what we do and what we believe―capturing the Wisconsin experience.


Humility.  We are modest about capabilities, admit mistakes, and create the space for others to contribute.

Collaboration.  We are a team centered around positivity, that stands for one message which involves empowering others, empathizing with each other, and uplifting others as a collective.

Respect & Justice.  All team members need to be treated respectfully and fairly. This pertains to equity in pay, and specific attention to physical/mental health, well-being and safety.

Love.  Cooking and serving others is a powerful act of caring and love for one another. Let us work together to bring our community together through the power of food and drink.

Equity.  Starting in 2020, we have completely redesigned our compensation for our staff. Tips are shared across all hourly-paid staff members, and we ensure a minimum of $15 per hour.

Inclusivity.  We will establish a culturally diverse and inclusive environment, one that specifically supports minorities, all genders, and those historically underrepresented in our industry.  

We stand in solidarity in support of Black, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous communities everywhere. 


In June 2020, the founders of RNO joined forces with Francesca Hong
of Morris Ramen to create Cook It Forward, a campaign that partners with Madison restaurants and community nonprofits to produce healthy, fresh meals for those who are food insecure.

CIF enlists Madison restaurants to produce individually packaged meals for delivery to local food banks, pantries, and other sites, serving as an intermediary.  Last-mile distribution partners will ensure that the growing number of individuals and families who need the food, and without recourse to access it, receive it.  This effort supports not only those who are food insecure in Madison, especially communities of color disproportionately affected by the pandemic, but helps the restaurants and their ecosystems including farmers, distributors, restaurant employees, and delivery drivers,.  Cook It Forward represents a new community response strategy that brings in new dollars with new partners and different delivery systems.  We are aligning mission-driven small business, traditional non-profits, and community-centered corporate entities.  We are all working collectively on social entrepreneurship, social equity, and social justice-- one dollar at a time.

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